This summer I drove across the country in my van and performed a set of traditional banjo tunes with the help of a few friends along the way.

Performed, filmed, recorded and edited by Blake Hannahson

Audio mixed by Jaron Freeman-Fox

Tracklist (sources and banjo tunings listed below):

Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (Vince Guaraldi)
Performed by Anh Phung

Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase Featuring Anh Phung (Traditional, Chris Coole, Victor Furtado) gCGCD

Chilly Winds (Traditional, Wade Ward, Nora Brown) gDGBD
Clear Fork (Traditional, Joseph Decosimo) eCGCD

 5 Miles From Town (Traditional, Clyde Davenport) aDADE

Seductive Fantasy - Sun Ra

Will Davenport’s Tune (Will Davenport, Clyde Davenport) fFGCD

Spotted Pony (Traditional, Dan Levonson) gCGCD

John Henry (Traditional, Lily May Ledford) g#BEBE

Davenport (Dock Boggs) fCFCD

Wild Goose Chase (Virgil Anderson) f#DEAD