I reached out to Julianna to see if she was interested in filming a video for one of her songs off of her debut album, "All Blue". Julianna came back with the idea for her song Queen of Spades where she was digging her own grave. The night before the shoot, I wrote a quick script and shot list. The next day, we filmed this whole video in about 4 hours as the sun began to set. I had so much fun filming this music video with Julianna and her sister. Watch til the end for the blooper roll.

Filmed on a Sony VX1000

Directed and Filmed by
Blake Hannahson

Julianna Riolino
Marissa Riolino
Lute The Cat

Glen Lockey
Rodrigo Riolino
Jake Hennessy

Special Thank You To: Escarpment Farms